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BPI Saturn Inline 10003

BPI Saturn Inline 10003 - 4 colour-flexo printing machine with full servodrive and -security.

This new inline printing machine was put in to production immediatly after installing. The customer choosed after the installation to fit in other optionals, but basically it was a turn-key operation to deliver the machine.

To mention the headlines of this particular construction:

4 inkworks (can be ordered with the number of inkworks, you require), all axles fully servo-powered with digital Siemens management, 360 degress Tandler gearbox, touch-screen, our own chamber doctor blade system on each inkwork, viscosity-measurer and ceramic anilox rolls. Can be ordered in these constellations: 4+0, 2+2, 2+2 inside, 2+1, 2+0, 3+1, from printing-width 150 mm up to 3600 mm.

Please contact Mr. Benny Petersen for further details. or look here!!

Flexographic Machine, 4 color In Line Printing
Saturn 4 color, Flexographic machines or Flexographic printing machine. A Flexographic machine with 4 color developed for in line printing. Inline Print with Saturn flexographic Machine is easy! Read more here and find PDF file also!
BPI In Line Printing Machine 4 color

Customized Stack Press, Flexopress that fits your specifications
Customized Stack press or Flexo Stack Press. BPI manufacturers and develop stack flexo printing machine fitted your specifications. The Flexo printing press, BPI Stack press your next Flexopress
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