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BPI Saturn Inline 10006

This new model, the BPI Saturn Inline 10006, is a compact a userfriendly flexoprint-machine, 2 colors with a printing width of 1500 mm.

To maintain a smooth working-process, it´s equipped with 2 build-in cranes, servo-engines and an electrical air-drying-system. This particular first machine was ordered without any electronic management, but following machines can be delivered with the full package in digital management.

Other specifications are:
  • 400 meters of printing per minute
  • Stroke: 900 mm
  • Front- and backsideprints; 2+2 and 1+1
  • Chambered doctor blade system, developed and made exclusively for the Saturn-series.
  • Cam-belt-driven, where ever there is no servoengine

Flexographic printing Machine, Easy Access to In Line Printing
Saturn 2 color, Flexographic machines or Flexographic printing machine. A Flexographic machine with 2 color developed for in line printing. Inline Print with Saturn flexographic Machine is easy! Find more information and a PDF file here!
BPI In Line Printing Machine 2 color

Customized Stack Press, Flexopress that fits your specifications
Customized Stack press or Flexo Stack Press. BPI manufacturers and develop stack flexo printing machine fitted your specifications. The Flexo printing press, BPI Stack press your next Flexopress
BPI Flexo Stack Press
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