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Flexo Inline Printing Machines

What exact requirements do you have for your new flexo-printing-machine? We will build it like that!

Narrow web or wide web? It´s entirely your demands, that designs the machine.

In recognition of, that we neither can nor will compete with other suppliers on the price-issue, we custom-made every inline-printing machine individually, and they all represents topquality, made for the exact requirements, our customers have. We manufacture them both in gear wheel driven or fully servo driven, from 1 colour and up - as many as you wish. With or without centre-rewinder with flying splice and unwinder.

Our main-aim is as previous mentioned quality all the way. If you choose a fully servo-driven solution, you offer yourself and your operator a very userfriendly and flexible working station, with the opportunity to install more options, whenever the need accure. For the electronic management, we always use the latest technology - right now the Siemens Simotion system for the fully servopowered flexo-printingmachines. Besides these facts, the servodriven machine is significant more noiseless.

The rolls can be in either steel or carbon fiber - it´s your choise, but the expensive solution is not always the best - let us give you the counselling, if you have any doubt.

Reasons why to purchase servopowered machines:

  • The noise-level decreases dramatically.
  • The printing-speed increases, and so do the accuracy - it can go up to 300 meters/minute with full precision.
  • The operator gets an easy-to-use interface on the touch-screen - it has never been easier.
  • You can go both forward and backwards, and jog the material with full precision.
  • Later on, you can extend the number of inkworks without starting from scratch in the construction. The electronic management is prepared for extensions later on

If you prefer a traditional gear wheel driven machinery, we´ll of course produce it with all thinkable solutions, to ease your work.

The machinery can be ordered with a stroke of 500-1600 mm
With BPI Sinus Kammerrakel (chamber doctor blade system)
With 2+0, 2+1, 2+2, 3+1 and 4+0 as examples of configuration.

As a new topic, we can deliver the configuration as a 2+2 inside without turning the material!

You can view an example HERE

The cylindrical width can be ordered from 300-3600 mm

For more detailed information, call us or send us an email with your detailed question(s), and we´ll respond as soon as possible.

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