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Benny Petersen served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and machinefitter in 1969. After seven years as travelling fitter in the packaging industry, he founded Benny Petersen Industriservice Aps in 1985. In 1992 the development of the chamber doctor blade system, for which Benny Petersen now holds patent, started. BPI Chambers has had its domicile since 1989 and employ today a staff of 15.

A few of the staff travels as required around the world to mount and fit both entire machines and our patented Sinus Chamber Doctor Blade system.

What kind of businesses do we approach? Well, every type of firm, that delivers wrapping- or packing-solutions with the need of prints on. And, not at least, every type of graphic industries.

We are wellknown to deliver either brand-new turn-key rotation printing machines fitted with our own patented Chamber Doctor Blade system, or renovated second-hand machinery, updated with new bearings a.s.o. and, of course, the same Chamber Doctor Blade system as the new machines.

Every type of drying-ovens, rotation-printingmachines, chamber doctor blade systems and other items to this business, we produce, just as we produce several items to windmills, offshore-industry, grandkitchens and waveenergy-machines. 
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